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Don?t underestimate the dangers of airsoft guns

What young kid doesn?t love to play soldier or cowboy? Children in the United States have been doing it since Revolutionary War times ? the only thing that?s changed are the costumes and the guns. In fact, the guns have changed too much. Airsoft guns look and feel just like the real thing, but they are marketed as a toy for children, making them a coveted item for most coming-of-age boys in this country. Airsoft guns, though, are such a dangerous product that many countries, including Malaysia, Thailand and Korea, have banned them completely.

Who?s responsible for an injury on someone else?s property?

When you enter someone else?s property, you make a reasonable assumption that the owners have taken steps to keep you safe from potential hazards. Sadly, that?s not always the case and millions of Americans suffer injuries as a result, including broken bones, brain trauma and permanent disabilities. Often, owners and insurance companies try to skirt their responsibilities and leave victims unable to work and with a host of ongoing medical bills.

Getting compensation in the aftermath of a plane crash

When you think of a plane crash, in all likelihood, you think of the major ones that are plastered all over the news ? pilots with death wishes, faulty equipment and regulation violations that leave hundreds dead and world in mourning. In reality, though, small plane crashes happen all the time, but they aren?t always reported to the media, so we don?t often consider the damage they can cause to property and life.

Pregnant woman severely injured in Louisiana auto accident

Every day, millions of Americans get behind the wheel of a car, but few ever give much thought to how dangerous an endeavour it can be. The sad truth is that, even if you consider yourself a safe driver, ultimately, your safety depends on the responsibility of the other driver with whom you share the road. And that?s a dangerous prospect. Distracted driving, drunk driving and plain carelessness take the lives of thousands of innocent Americans every year and leave thousands more permanently disabled.

Ford recalls Fusion 2 times in same week

The 2014 Ford Fusion has been recalled by Ford twice in one week all across the nation, including Louisiana. The Ford Fiesta and Lincoln MKZ were also recalled for potential safety issues. The Fusions and Lincolns had the largest recall with 546,000 for the 2013 and 2014 model years. The Fiesta was recalled for model years 2011 to 2014. The recall was for a faulty door latch that can cause the door to open.

Three customers have alerted Ford of problems with the door latch. Two customers stated the doors came back to hit them after bouncing back when they tried to close them. Another customer reported the door swinging open and hitting another car as it was being parked. The recall was announced initially and then expanded a few days later. A statement was even issued by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, which is out of the norm for the organization. They encouraged all car owners with any of these vehicles to not delay repairs as this issue could be dangerous.

IKEA crib mattress recall is extended to more models

In January, IKEA issued a recall on five of its crib mattresses, and on April 30, the company expanded this recall to include four more models. The recall follows the company receiving two complaints of babies becoming stuck between the mattresses and ends of the cribs. The infants were not injured, however. Louisiana parents who have purchased cribs and mattresses from the furniture store need to immediately stop using the mattresses and return them to their local retailer.

According to the original IKEA recall notice, the defective crib mattresses are from the VYSSA line, which includes the VACKERT, VINKA, SPELEVINK, SLÖA and SLUMMER models. In the expanded recall, the mattresses from the SULTAN line are added, including the BLUNDA, DRÖMMA, SNARKA and SUSSA models. All of the mattresses measure 52 inches in length and 27.5 inches in width and were manufactured prior to May 5, 2014. IKEA has been selling the SULTAN models in the United States since October 2000 while the VYSSA models have been sold since August 2010.

Bicycle recall could affect Louisiana cyclists

Following a number of reported accidents, bicycle manufacturer Trek has issued a recall in response to injuries suffered by cyclists that left one rider a permanent quadriplegic and others suffering from fractures and facial wounds. Approximately 900,000 Trek bicycles in the United States and 98,000 bicycles in Canada are believed to be unsafe due to a manufacturing defect.

All Trek models built from 2000 to 2015 that feature front disc brakes and a black or silver release lever located on the front wheel have been deemed potentially dangerous and unsuitable for the roadways. The Consumer Product Safety Commission cites that the quick-release lever can come into contact with the front disc brake assembly, causing complete wheel separation or result in the wheel coming to an immediate stop.

1-car accident kills high school student

A 16-year-old high school student in Louisiana was killed in a one-car accident on April 22. Three other minors who were in the vehicle when the wreck took place sustained non-life threatening injuries. Two of the injured victims were 17 years old, and one was 12 years of age.

The fatal car accident happened in Mansfield while the vehicle was traveling eastbound along Kings Highway. At about 3 p.m., the driver veered off of the roadway for an unknown reason and then struck an embankment. The impact of the collision caused the vehicle to overturn and land against a tree. A 16-year-old passenger in the car was killed while the three other occupants of the car were rushed to University Health in Shreveport for treatment of their injuries.

Learning more about crashes and wet weather

Motorists in Louisiana may be interested in learning more about how inclement weather conditions can increase the risk of a car accident occurring. The American Auto Association estimates there to be approximately 1.2 million crashes in the country every year. Keeping an adequate distance of about two second between vehicles is recommended under ideal road conditions with good visibility. When wet pavement is an issue, the distance between vehicles may be increased to four seconds.

Maintaining adequate air pressure in the vehicle's tires may also be instrumental in avoiding a car accident caused by wet weather. Most manufacturers and safety advocates recommend that the tires are rotated after traveling approximately 5,000 miles. Reducing hydroplaning and skidding by steering well or limiting braking may also be paramount in avoiding a wreck attributable to wet road conditions. Motorists are advised to dodge potholes during inclement weather as contact may be detrimental to the vehicle's front-end alignment, wheels or tires.

1 person dies in car accident while other occupants flee

A one-car accident in Louisiana on April 10 resulted in the death of a New Iberia resident. The fatal crash took place near Charenton while a vehicle was traveling along Chitimacha Trail. One passenger died in the crash while three other occupants fled the scene after the accident. Investigators believe that driver impairment may have been a a factor in the crash.

According to a report from the initial investigation, the vehicle involved in the car accident exited the roadway after the driver failed to navigate a curve. Afterwards, the car struck a culvert and then flipped over multiple times. A 20-year-old passenger who was not wearing a seat belt was ejected from the vehicle and declared dead at the scene.

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